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ASL Announcement:

 What is the Road to Deaf Interpreting?  Training Series for Deaf Interpreters?

RDI is proud to introduce "Road to Deaf Interpreting" Training Series for the fourth time! This is an interpreter preparation series especially for Deaf people. It will provide the same level of training offered to Deaf-Parented and hearing interpreters but will be specifically adjusted to meet the needs of Deaf persons entering the Deaf intepreting field. The program is offered 16 weekends spread out within two years. It will be located at College of Holy Cross in Worcester, MA (about one hour away from Boston).  At the end of this program, new Deaf interpreters should feel ready to enter the field as mentees and more experienced Deaf interpreters should feel more comfortable with their level of training and knowledge to begin doing more and varied kinds of interpreting.

These courses will be offered on a non-credit basis.  Students interested in Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or ACET can get them at no fee charge (sponsored by Northeastern University Regional Interpreter Education Center) if they are RID members. Each course in the series include in-class lectures, discussions, and exercises; homework assignments; reading, video tapes, and projects; and a final evaluation. See FAQ for more information on cost and location.

Deaf, Deaf-Parented, and hearing instructors who are interpreters  and/or members of DeafWorld will participate as guest presenters for some of the courses.

Do you need a college degree before joining RDI's program?  No - see ASL vlog here

 Interested?  Browse our website!  

Not sure yet? Read on and see how you can take the first course to see how it is! 

Application deadline:  June 30th, 2015    click on "Application" for more information

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